Strategic Capital, Demonstrated Track Record

What Makes Us Different

Entrepreneurial Approach

We’re entrepreneurs who’ve successfully built and sold our own businesses, we think like business owners and we understand the day-to-day intricacies required to run a successful business


We invest our own capital allowing us to act quickly and to design customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual business owner


We have over 25 years’ experience operating and advising a wide range of businesses across many sectors, we offer financial and operating expertise and a broad network of relationships

Investment Approach

2RL Capital pursues investments in successful businesses with opportunities for growth.   We invest our own capital and, where necessary, draw additional capital from an extensive network of investors. 

Our approach is to provide attractive liquidity options for business owners while tailoring a transaction that meets their individual needs.  We provide capital for owners looking to exit or monetize their ownership for purposes of succession, to management teams looking to acquire businesses and for businesses requiring capital to grow.


Small to mid-sized Canadian businesses where we can add value

Target Size

•  Investments between $5 - $20 million
•  We will pursue larger transactions opportunistically
•  We will also consider early stage investments which have high growth potential and favorable industry characteristics

Growth Capital

We will partner with existing owners where management or selling shareholders continue to hold a meaningful ownership stake

Investment Criteria

We target companies with successful operating histories, experienced and motivated management, competitive advantages, and opportunities to grow organically or through acquisition

Investment Track Record


Trusted Advice, Proven Expertise


2RL Capital provides independent advisory and financial services to owners or management who wish to exit or acquire a business or who wish to raise growth capital.  The principals at 2RL have advised some of Canada’s leading corporations and will use their experience and contacts to deliver first-class advice and tailor-made solutions to clients. 

How We Deliver Success

Proven Track Record

We’ve acted as advisor in over 100 successful transactions for both small to mid-sized businesses as well as some of Canada’s largest companies and most successful entrepreneurs

Senior Level, Independent Advice

Our Partners are directly involved at every stage of your transaction providing dedicated, senior level commitment and unfettered, independent advice

Entrepreneurial Approach

We’ve successfully built and sold our own businesses and we think like entrepreneurs. We understand the complex process of determining when, and how to sell a business

Advisory Track Record

Our team

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